ignoblebard (ignoblebard) wrote,

Signal Boost - New OEAM Site Grand Opening

Come check out the new and improved Of Elves and Men (OEAM) site, now with 100% more "upload your own crap so we don't have to".

But is it multifandom you ask. Yes, the new improved OEAM fills all your slash needs in a multitude of fandoms.

But what if I only write LOTR stories? You'll find what you're looking for at the new OEAM. We have a large selection of LOTR stories to match every taste, as long as your taste is for slash.

I have nostalgia for those heady days of RPF when we all thought the actors liked each other well enough to shag. What about me? You're in luck! The actors at OEAM still have the special feelings for each other that give you, and in many cases them, warm fuzzies.

So what's with the Grand Opening? New site, new functions, new challenges, new contests and surprises. Check out the Scavenger Hunt here: http://oeam.livejournal.com/334197.html And visit the new site and the OEAM LJ for more information.

So tell your friends, bring your muses, try the new OEAM today. It carries the International Slash Writers seal of approval.

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