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Journal Table of Contents

My Journal

A Bird to the Wise

A Boy and His Lob

A Darksome Light

A Dangerous Hunger

A Far and Distant Star

A Moment of Truth - Merlin Fanfic

A Nasty Surprise

A Simple Touch

A Spring Surprise

A Texas Gay Boy in King Thranduil's Court

A Touch of Healing

Above All Shadows Part 1

Above All Shadows Part 2

Aftermath (drabble)

Ages and Ages Hence

An Amethyst Remembrance

Artistic License

Avar and Away

Balrogs (drabble)

Beautiful, Unanswerable Questions

Breath of Forgiveness

By the Book

Campfire Story: Elven Legends

Campfire Story: Rumil's Tale

Chasing Waterfalls

Cold Comfort

Crossing Borders Part 1

Crossing Borders Part 2

Days That Are No More (Dying Gaul - Yuletide)

Dead Reckoning

Diplomatic Relations

Essence of Dreams

Even the Trees Remember

Fair Game

Fait Accompli Part 1

Fait Accompli Part 2

Fearful Desire Part 1

Fearful Desire Part 2

Flowers in Amber Part 1

Flowers in Amber Part 2

Foreshadowing (drabble)

Forever - Give or Take

The Gondor Social Club

Hearts Like the Sea

Hunter of the Heart

I Ain't Got No Body

In Sequent Toil

In the Heart of the Storm

Interlude at Cormallen

In the Shadow of the Tower

Into The Breach

Just Reward

King's Ransom

Last Exit to Imladris

Last Light

Leaf Subsides to Leaf

Legolas Goes on American Idol

Lost and Found - Lost Fanfic

LOTR Drabbles

Love's Persistence

Maglor the Mighty (drabble)

The Making of the Werewolves

Mardi Gras

The Matchless Little Elfling

Mirkwood Secrets

More Than Meets The Eye

Most Elusive

Most Fascinating

My Fair Lindir

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

No Traveler Returns

Of Pumpkins and Pippin

Oh, Brother

Pipe Dreams

Reflecting Shadows

Sam's Tale

Sea's the Day

Shadows Grey and Grim

The Shelter

Sliver Blossoms Blown

So Beautiful, So New

Song Parodies

Sporting Woods

Springs Eternal

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made



The Top of Happy Hours (Hamlet - Yuletide)

Trade Off

Treacherous Trust

The Unbearable Smugness of Being (Fëanor)


The Voice of Rage and Ruin - Part 1

The Voice of Rage and Ruin - Part 2

With Springtime Comes Hope

Writer's Block (drabble)

Written in Blood

Years Thicker Than Leaves

Your Image in an Antique Book

  • Your Image in an Antique Book

    Title: Your Image in an Antique Book Character: Maedhros Genre: Drama, Vignette Rating: G Summary: After the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, Maedhros…

  • In the Heart of the Storm

    Title: In The Heart of the Storm Pairing: Círdan/Ossë Rating: R Genre: Romance, Drama, Slash Summary: Ossë shows Círdan the passion at the heart of…

  • A Bird to the Wise

    Title: A Bird to the Wise Pairing: Glorfindel and Legolas Rating: PG Genre: Humor Summary: Glorfindel fears Legolas has been changed by dark magic…

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