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LOTR Drabbles

A few drabbles written for the HASA birthday forums 2006 and later.

Journey's End

Sunset Gates

Journey's End

A look, a smile... How could he not be smitten each time, just as the first time?

More than beauty, grace, every imperfect word of a language too impoverished to clothe her. He loved her now, always, until the ending of the world, or the circles of the world from which they were forever removed.

She rose from where she had rested a moment before, and their lips met, and his soul was fulfilled. The grim years fell away and they were young, tall and fair, clad in white. Hand in hand they walked, leaving the eaves of Lothlórien behind.

Sunset Gates

Gimli stood on the deck of the westward bearing ship watching as the shore of the new land came into view. A tear welled up in his eye as he saw the Lady ahead, standing tall and proud, her arm raised in greeting. He placed his hand over his heart, where a lovingly crafted silver box held three golden hairs, and smiled a secret smile.

He stepped off the ship; a small figure swallowed up by the crowd, and reflected pensively upon his new home, his final home.

A man sitting behind a desk greeted him. "Welcome to Ellis Island."

Middle Men

"We are become Middle Men, of the Twilight, but with memory of other things." - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

'Isildur's Bane'

Long thought lost but now, somehow, in the possession of two Hobbits. Only half a day ago it had been within his grasp.

Boromir, the accomplished warrior. He? Either a man of doughty virtue or an exceptional fool. Time judges all.

The turn of a moment could dash hope or restore fading glory. In his moment of truth, he had held to honor. He was satisfied.

Hobbits - half men, their resolve pushing them beyond their fear. Gondorians - sons of a once High race, now Middle Men. Fates intertwined.

'Time to show our quality.'

Faramir took up his bow.


She comes - descending the stairs with silent grace, and a chill envelops me to see the furrow of her lovely brow. So fair is she, so wise; and I who once took such delight in her gaze am now incapable of easing her ever wearied and careworn spirit. Her eyes, at one time filled with thoughtful contemplation, hold only sadness and concern. I wish I had comfort to offer, but in these troubled times there is none. The silver stream water fills me, she searches my depths. Shadows swirl within. Would I were not the bearer of this doom!

A Final Toast

He was old now, his dark hair shot through with grey, his step slow and lacking the fluidity of his youth, but his smile could still light Arwen's heart. He was her first love, teacher and protector, her big brother Elladan.

"A toast, to absent friends," he said, raising his glass, resting his other hand affectionately on her shoulder.

Arwen's eyes glittered with unshed tears. "So many gone," she said, raising her glass as well. "Except for you, the one constant in my life. To you, Elladan."

They drank. Elladan smiled his perfect smile.

It was their last time together.



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